MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit (Beagle Bone compatible)

The MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit is for developers looking to convert a maker board-based prototype to a production suitable design. Each kit includes a compatible MitySOM-335x module (see Purchase table below for compatible modules) and a Maker Transition base board that features interfaces such as USB, HDMI output with audio, 10/100 networking, JTAG & UART debug, and dual 46-pin cape compatible headers.

Development Kit Contents

  • MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Baseboard with:
  • Compatible MitySOM-335x Module (See “Purchase” below)
  • 4GB of eMMC Flash Memory
  • Dual 46-pin Cape Compatible Headers
  • MicroSD Card Connector
  • 10/100 Networking
  • HDMI Output with audio
  • USB OTG (Mini B) and Host (A) Ports
  • Single 5V DC Input o JTAG and UART Debug interfaces
  • USB to UART Debug Serial cable
  • AC/DC 5V 2A adapter
  • SD Card pre-loaded with Linux Operating System and demonstration application
  • Quick Start Guide

Schematics, kernel information, SD card image, and design source files are available via the Maker Transition Kit Wiki.

Orderable Systems:

Kit Order Number Module part number (included)
80-000966 3352-HX-X47-RI
80-000967 3354-HX-X38-RC