Corelis Boundary Scan Board Level Test Systems

Corelis ScanExpress Boundary Scan Tools OverviewCorelis offers a complete product line of JTAG (boundary-scan) tools called ScanExpress for testing board integrity and in-system programming (ISP) of flash memories and other programmable devices. ScanExpress software has an intuitive graphical user interface for the generation and execution of  Boundary Scan test vectors under Windows 7/8/10. Furthermore, DLLs of these functions for integration National Instruments' LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, Geotest ATEasy, Agilent's VEE, Visual Basic and C++ are available.

Corelis’ ScanExpress JET represents a major step forward for automatic circuit board testing. The JTAG Embedded Test method extends coverage beyond popular boundary-scan techniques to virtually every signal of the UUT that is accessible by the on-board CPU(s). This includes most of the remaining non-scannable, analog, and I/O port resources. As a bonus, it employs full-speed functionality verification without modifications to the circuit, its onboard firmware, or the test fixture.

ScanExpress JET supports many microcontrollers, FPGAs, and SoCs, e.g. automotive application devices such as Infineon's Aurix, Nvidia's Tegra K1, and Mobileye's EyeQ3 devices. For more information on ScanExpress JET, please refer to this product information.

A wide selection of JTAG (boundary-scan) hardware controllers is available from Corelis, including PCI, PCI Express, USB 2.0, Ethernet/LAN, PXI/cPCI and VXI, with price and performance to meet your specific requirements. For performance critical JTAG applications, Corelis offers boundary-scan controllers that operate at up to 100MHz sustained TCK frequency, enabling fast board JTAG interconnect testing and JTAG programming of flash memories at their maximum theoretical speed.

Corelis offers support for a variety of devices and instruments from third-parties in an effort to provide existing test platforms comprehensive JTAG test execution with Corelis ScanExpress software products. Supported instruments include National Instruments PXI-655x HSDIO and Teradyne Di-Series modules. Corelis also provides support for JTAG testing with FTDI FT2232 ICs embedded on a unit under test (UUT).

The high performance CAS-1000 I2C/E I2C bus analyzer and exerciser is an enhanced model targeted towards IC verification and parametric testing. The CAS-1000-I2C/E hardware provides more advanced features such as master and slave emulation, bus specification validation, bus parameter measurement, glitch injection, clock stretching, and adjustable timing skew. In conjunction with Corelis ScanExpress software, the CAS-1000 controller can be used for Boundary Scan testing of complete boards as well as for (interconnect test, etc.) as well as for in-system-programming of Flash memory and CPLDs.

Read more on the how to debug a dead board at Corelis' website.

More information on Corelis Boundary Scan products, consulting and training is available on request.

Note: If in doubt which products or product combination suits your testing and programming needs, please, feel free to contact us or our European representatives.