cOSMo - Robust, universal C-OFDM modem for Embedded Applications

cOSMo socket modemcOSMo is a new socket C-OFDM modem for embedded applications. It features exceptional reliability in problematic environments and very quick synchronisation. cOSMo enables data rates of up to 1000 kbps across simple twisted-pair, co-ax and power cables that may be several miles long. No matter whether in a Point-to-Point (PtP) or Point-to-Multipoint (PtmP) topology, the modem particularly qualifies for use in existing infrastructure.

cOSMo is based on a proprietary modem technology designed to transparently link any local data source, e.g. a UART, an SPI- or any other type of interface to a remote device.
cOSMo is a universal modem for data transmission over channels exposed to linear distortions, noise, phase and amplitude shifts, frequency offsets and line drop-outs.

A companion Spartan-6 FPGA can be used for forward error correction (FEC), encryption, data compression and interfaces such as CAN, digital cameras, or general purpose I/O. For analog signals a single 24-bit audio codec is available. Sampling rates of up to 100kHz are possible for highest audio quality.

cOSMo Datasheet (EN & DE)

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