Audio processing module with SHARC, stereo audio, and S/PDIF

SHARC Module with stereo audio and S/PDIFThe SHARCaudio module is a very small, low-cost, audio processing system which can be operated in stand-alone or embedded applications. It comes with a powerful 200MHz (266MHz optional) SHARC DSP and a 24-bit stereo audio codec (> 100dB dynamic range) with line-in and line-out channels, an S/PDIF interface, I²C, UART and SPI for best connectivity. The built-in S/PDIF interface allows to mix sources from the analog and the digital domain. With a size of only 1.0” x 2.0”, the board will fit every embedded application. Widely used 100 mil (2.54mm) pin headers are used to connect the module to a target board. A break-out board and a miniBSP are available for development purposes to get your project started quickly.


The system was designed for use in high-end sound processing applications such as equalizers, feedback suppressors, limiters, effect processors, exciters and other studio and stage equipment.

Control Interfaces

The DSP can be controlled via its UART, I²C or SPI interface. These interfaces may also be used to control a keypad or an LCD display. An auxiliary 8-channel A/D converter can be used to control parameters using analog inputs rather than via a micro-controller. All special function pins (eight total) can also be used as general purpose I/O pins. Two FLAG pins are software programmable as either input or output.


  • DSP: ADSP-21478 @200 MHz (266 MHz as an option)
  • Codec: AKM AK4556 (24 Bit, fs = 192kHz max.)
  • Interfaces: UART, SPI, I²C, S/PDIF, Stereo In/Out, 8-channel ADC
  • Size: 1.0" x 2.0" (1/2" height)
  • Pin Pitch: 100mil

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