Corelis ScanExpress JET supports NXP QorIQ P2

ScanExpress JET, a functional add-on to Corelis' Boundary Scan Tool Chain, is used to generate tests procedures or scripts for complex peripherals connected to a microprocessor. JET technology provides system verification during development, production, and service, even BEFORE CPU code is available. Such tests include:

  • CPU Initialization - Test basic communication and functions of the CPU.
  • SDRAM Test - Execute SDRAM tests (including DDR3, DDR4) to find functional faults at system speed
  • NOR Flash - In-system test, programming, and verification of NOR flash at system speed within Boundary Scan test procedure
  • Custom Tests - JET includes a powerful scripting language and integrated script debugger allowing you to create your own test scripts

NXP's QorIQ P2 Series communication processors are latest addition to the list of devices supported by ScanExpress JET.

Ordering Information:
P/N 20747 - JET Family Support Package for NXP QorIQ P2
P/N 20700 - ScanExpress JET Test Development System for test program generation and execution.
Note: At least one family support package must be purchased with the ScanExpress JET Test Development System.

For more information on ScanExpress in general and JET in particular, please contact us.