JET Support for Altera Cyclone V SoC and NVIDIA TEGRA K1

Corelis has released ScanExpress JET support for Altera's Cyclone V SoC (5CSEA2, 5CSEA4, 5CSEA5, 5CSEA6, 5CSXC2, 5CSXC4, 5CSXC5, 5CSXC6, 5CSTD5, and 5CSTD6) and NVidia's Tegra K1 (T124 and T246).

ScanExpress JET is part of the ScanExpress Family of Boundary-Scan Testing Tools. ScanExpress JET can be used to generate a standard set of tests or to create custom test scripts for peripherals connected to the microprocessor, such as:

  • CPU Initialization - Test basic communication and functions of the CPU.
  • SDRAM Test - Execute a full suite of at-speed SDRAM tests to identify hard-to-find faults.
  • NOR Flash - Test, program, and verify NOR Flash at high speeds using a simple JTAG interface.
  • Custom Tests - The ScanExpress JET development system includes a powerful scripting language and integrated script debugger, so you can write your own test scripts or load compiled code right from the JET integrated development environment.

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