Specification, Development & Production of Electronic Assemblies, Embedded Software and Boundary-Scan Projects

DSP Systeme GmbH is located in the city of Dusseldorf, by the famous river Rhine, Germany, and provides design services, hardware and algorithms for DSP and FPGA applications. Furthermore, we offer own products as well as products from our technology partners Blackhawk (JTAG emulators), Corelis (boundary-scan) and Critical Link (system-on-modules).
Such systems are used in medical and industrial applications, for data transmission over high-voltage power lines, stage and studio, laboratory equipment, test benches and other applications.

Our Mission

We develop highly optimized DSP/FPGA systems, usually consisting of electronic assemblies and application specific software (firmware) for a variety of applications. We deliver everything from concept to production data, integration of software components, complete validated systems, or individual portions of your project - just the way you need it. Our quality management has been certified per ISO9001-2015. We not only promise the outstanding technical quality, we comply with the standards demanded per ISO9001.

Successful Customer Projects

Some projects we carried out recently:

  • Hardware and software framework for laser marking applications based on SHARC and Xilinx Spartan-3A FPGA
  • Software for VoIP PBXs using Blackfin, TMS320C55xx and other DSP
  • Evaluation board for STM Cortex-M4 with a Spartan-6 "co-processor", also available in SO-DIMM format (XynergyXS)
  • Safety logic for Laser applications in medical systems based on Spartan-6 FPGA
  • High-efficiency OFDM modem based on SHARC and Spartan-6 for radio data links and non-standard transmission media (e.g. barb wire)
  • Professional audio processing system based on SHARC, using an STM Cortex-M4 for system control and ethernet based user interface
  • Multi-channel (up 48 channels) data acquisition system sampling at up to 80 MSPS per channel, based on Kintex-7 and Virtex-7 FPGAs (PCIe)
  • Data transmission in harsh industrial environments based on our proprietary high-effiency OFDM modem

Off-the-Shelf Products

DSP Systeme GmbH also represents renowned international companies, offering high performance, excellent quality products for signal processing applications and development, including

  • Critical Link DSP, ARM and FPGA modules (MitySoM, MityDSP, MityFPGA) as well as intelligent industrial cameras,
  • Blackhawk JTAG emulation products for use with Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio and
  • Corelis Boundary Scan products, used to verify hardware products during development and production (www.corelis.com).