ARM, DSP & FPGA Boards, Tools & Algorithms, Boundary-Scan Products for Board-Level Tests

Our focus: Systems, services, hardware and algorithms for your DSP and FPGA applications. Whenever you are looking for assistance in your project, we are the team of experts to streamline your project.

ARM, DSP & FPGA Consulting and Development Services

Since its inception in 1995, our company has been located in city of Düsseldorf, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the heart of Europe. All team members are from this region and virtually die to deliver exceptional labour every day. We are proud to serve customers who engaged with us many years ago.

ARM, DSP & FPGA Hardware Products

system-on-modules with DSP, ARM, FPGA

Besides numerous DSP algorithms for speech compression and enhancement, such as echo cancellers, we have developed a number of neat embedded products for high performance computing and communication:

System-on-Modules, JTAG Emulators, Products for Board Level Tests and In-Circuit Programming

Furthermore, we represent renowned international companies, offering high performance, excellent quality products for signal processing applications and development:

For information on Critical Link ARM, DSP and FPGA modules (MitySoM, MityDSP, MityFPGA), please, go to or click the logo on the right.

For information on Blackhawk Emulation products for use with Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, please, go to or click the logo on the right.

For information on Corelis Boundary Scan products, used to verify hardware products during development and production, please, visit or click the logo on the right.

Quality Management

Our quality management has been certified per ISO9001-2015. We not only promise the outstanding technical quality, we comply with the standards demanded per ISO9001.

For more information on any of the mentioned product lines, please contact us:

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