BF592 audio - Low-cost Blackfin module for audio applications

Blackfin-Module for audio applicationsThis small, low-cost audio processing module based on a Blackfin BF592 DSP controller has been designed especially for echo and noise cancelling, sound effects and other speech processing applications. It comes with a 200MHz Blackfin ADSP-BF592 (400MHz version is optional), an SSM2603 programmable audio codec and several general purpose I/O pins that can serve as special function ports such as UART, SPI or SPORT (synchronous serial port with TDM). Prices start at 39 EUR/GBP for quantities of 100+ units (excl. VAT and shipping). If you wish to learn more about this product and its applications, please check the datasheet or contact us.

An evaluation board is also available featuring audio I/O, multiple general purpose I/Os and an analog telephone interface.